Relating Cases

Cases can now be linked when creating a New Case or within an existing case via Edit Case Details.

1. Log into eVetDiagnostics using your Email address and password.

2. From the My Cases page, click New Case to start a new manual case upload or for existing cases, click the Case #  and then Edit Case Details.
new case and case number         editcasehistory2

3.  Click Edit next to Related Cases.
related cases

4.  The software will display cases with the same client and patient name within your eVetDiagnostics account. (Click the hyperlink of each case listed to see it’s contents in another browser window.) 

5.  Check the box(es) of the case(s) you want to link and click DoneThe program will automatically fill in the Requested Specialist who has previously read or is reading the linked cases.
related case search 

6.  For New Cases, click
 Continue to add your Images.  For existing cases, click Save Changes.
continue to add your images  Save Canges
7.  As Specialists accept your case, they will see your related case. You can also see related cases by entering a case (Case # on the My Cases page) and scroll to the Related Cases section on the case.

 related case section


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